Portugal Airshow might come back!

The biannual most popular Portuguese airshow might return in 2013. According to a local newspaper the Mayor of Évora is looking for supporters and partnerships to be able to make the event in it's traditional location the Évora Airdrome, LPEV. Évora airfield seen in this last year the best and the worst happenings in Portuguese aviation.

On the worst side the death of a student pilot in a solo flight in the surroundings of the field with an investigation undergoing at this time. Also the shutdown of CAE-AAE flight academy due to a reorganization of the CAE group after a fusion with the Oxford Aviation Group.

On the bright side Embraer's facilities started to labor witch contributed to the creation of aviation jobs and lead to the creation of an aviation cluster idealized by the Mayor of this small town. When Embraer factories reach it's top in production it's expected to create plus 400 direct jobs and about 1500 jobs indirectly. Let's hope for the best to Embraer and wish them a happy and pleasant stay in Portugal for many years as possible.


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