CS-AUR First Solo Flight!

The Cessna 152 CS-AUR starts the presentation of all 152's that I have flown until now. This particular aircraft is very significant to Me as it was the one of my first Solo. After that I flew the "UR" for several times in cross country solo flights to be able to get the CPL.

 Credits: Filipe Cardoso 

On the CS-AUR I flew for about 10 hours total time and went on it to Évora, LPEV and Portimão, LPPM, it was also the aircraft of my 300nm plus cross country flight.

 Credits: Filipe Cardoso 

The "UR" was a regular Cessna 152 made by Cessna itself not Reims Company in France.
Unfortunately this aircraft is also remembered for the worst reasons. See: sad-day-for-portuguese-aviation post. In June the 26th this year during a night training flight in Cascais Airfield, LPCS the aircraft crashed in the surroundings of the field and took the life of the instructor Rogério Teles and the student João Leal who by coincidence is son of the Flight School owner. The accident is still under investigation to find causes for it and if possible state directives to prevent similar hapenings.

 Credits: Filipe Cardoso 

The "UR" had the construction number 15283659 and a previous american registration that was N4826B


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