What a great flying day!

Past Sunday the meteorology finally gave some space to fly after several days of intense rains and even a tornado in Algarve that created a considerable amount of damage.

This was time to take the Ferreira family to the sky. All of them have already flew and Daniela has been already my passenger and photo reporter in 2 other flights but her parents were going to fly for the first time in a proper aircraft. Not that Airbus or Boeing aircraft aren't proper but they can take you from A to B without almost looking throughout the window to enjoy the views. The Cessna 172 is so different in that and that's why people o usually don't fly in general aviation aircraft always get amazed with the view and want more.

Here is a small footage of that flight that took us from Cascais, LPCS, to the south through Setubal, Alcacer do Sal and Grandola and the return via shore line to admire the beaches almost unknown and desert that extend from Troia all the way south until Sines.

Photographs were taken by Daniela Ferreira and if you're curious about her work check her Photoblog: http://life-in-technicolor-pics.tumblr.com/


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