Saturday, December 8, 2012

20th Airline Black List review in Europe

As you all might know the European Union created a Black List of Airlines that for the most different reasons are forbidden to fly to/in/out of Europe, basically all reasons are related with safety issues as bad maintenance practices lack of procedures or training, aircraft models banned from the European airspace, politics, security problems in the operation airports outside EU and so on.

Some companies continue to have permission to fly to Europe but under specific conditions like TAAG that is still allowed to fly to Lisboa and Porto, Portugal but under restrict rules. In order to achieve that TAAG invested several million dollars in new aircraft all Boeing 777 models 200 and 300 and started a rigorous training program to flying and non flying staff that operate in Luanda do achieve acceptable quality levels to satisfy EASA.

For now the list complies in 287 Airlines from about 20 nations worldwide.

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