CS-DAT Leávia's Ferrari of the 152s

If was one thing that was general opinion of all those who fly in Leávia's aircraft is about the CS-DAT, it was fast! No not a rocket plane or whatsoever but to a 152 it really was fast.

45634_1168373337.jpg (1024×701)
Credits: Ricardo Jorge Figueiredo - Jetphotos.net

The "DAT" had a propeller better developed to cruise flights so it wasn't the best climber but at cruise it passes all other Cessnas of the school, I founded that in a cross country flight to Portimão, LPPM in a mere 200nm flight the 10 minute difference between Me on the "DAT" and the Cessna 150 CS-APA, see: cs-apa-that-charismatic-noise transformed at Portimão in about 45 minutes. Not Bad!

Credits: Miguel Grilo - Jetphotos.net

It was on this particular aircraft that I made the first mission relative to abnormal attitudes, regaining control vrilles, stall turns, etc. always without problems at all, nice machine!
The "DAT" was also the last aircraft witch I have flew to finish my Integrated ATPL course in a checkride flight.

Cessna 152 II CS-DAT 15283914 Cascais - LPCS
Credits: Carlos Moreira - Jetphotos.net and PortugalSpotters - my cousin Luis Almeida as Flight Instructor

This aircraft as all the other Cessna 150 and 152 suffered the treatment that student pilots imposed to them but always able to keep their posture and bringing the inexperienced pilots back to ground again.

Cessna 152 II CS-DAT 15283914 Cascais - LPCS
Credtis: Ricardo Jorge Figueiredo - Jetphotos.net

The CS-DAT has the construction number 15283914 and a known previous american registration that is N6258B


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