CS-APA That charismatic noise

When I first flew the Reims/Cessna F150L CS-APA it was just a few flight hours since a complete overhaul that consisted in all normal procedures regarding the inspections to mechanical parts and structural parts. But the major difference was... the new interior all in white and blue with a small red line as contour as the very own Leávia Flight School colors. Oh and I almost forgot that this was in leather imitation. Nice!

Credtis: Filipe Cardoso

But the most distinctive thing in this particular aircraft wasn't the interior it as the way it sounded when passing by. This four cylinder Lycoming engine had installed two exhausts one on each side of the engine to a pair of cylinders, this configuration made the exhaust to be so small that it was as if there was no exhaust at all. Great sound, I liked it!

Credits: Filipe Cardoso

Since the first day of its life CS-APA passed through several owners and registrations and its manufacturer number is 1068. I could not confirm the first registration but if someone has more information is completely free to leave a comment for me to correct if necessary. Before coming to Portugal CS-APA had two registrations in France witch were F-BVBD and F-BSGQ.

Credits: Paulo Santos


Anonymous said…
Muito obrigado por recordar este avião tão particular :)

Fui largado como piloto no APA há 36 anos atrás com 11 horas de voo. Foi no dia 9 de Setembro de 1977. Diário de Navegação 14 e Serviço 5. Há dias fui relargado nele e aquele personalidade e sonoridade de motor lá estavam bem presentes. Eu tratei-o bem e ele também me tratou muito bem :)

O Diário de Navegação... já vai no o 42! Ele continua cheio de energia e vontade de voar.

Um abraço e bons voos Caro Lince

Pedro Belém Monteiro

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