CS-ADF Old School

The Cessna 150A CS-ADF was so different from the rest of the Cessna fleet in the flight school that the Leávia required that students should fly that particular aircraft with instructor before going solo with it. And wasn't for less than that. The so called "ADF" due to it's registration was built in a time that instrument arrange and cockpit organization was not important so the cockpit is a bit messy to nowadays standards.

 Credits: Filipe Cardoso

My first flight in this piece of history was a small vfr flight of about 1 hour from Cascais, LPCS to Cascais, LPCS and after that was always solo. Besides its exterior aspect the "ADF" had quite differences inside to, such as the flaps lever that remember the lever of  a Beechraft with that "Handbrake" style. The position of the pilot in flight was also different but I didn't found it to be uncomfortable.

Credits Filipe Cardoso

Unfortunately the "ADF" suffered a crash landing in November 2011 and was considered as unrecoverable due to the extension of the damage fortunately however was the fact that none got injured badly.

Credits: Filipe Cardoso

The Number of the CS-ADF was 15059232 and the only previous registration that I know about is an American one N7132X.

Credits: Filipe Cardoso

Here is the link to the preliminary report of the accident (in Portuguese) http://www.gpiaa.gov.pt/ look for previous years reports and go to 2011 reports.


Dennis said…
DF crashed?! Ah shit...
I flew my first solo in that plane in 1995..

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