Pic of the Day!

Today's "Pic of the Day" is a photo of the Santa Cruz Airfield. Why? Well today I went in a small flight to Santa Cruz, LPSC from Cascais, LPCS to train some touch and go and engine failure in circuit. Santa Cruz is a quite short runway in the western coast of Portugal and at about 30 minutes from Cascais by small airplane like a Cessna 172 as the one that took me there today. The runway is only 546 meters long and has some greenhouses close to the runway 35 threshold so it is used very often for those who fly from Cascais to practice their landings and sometimes as the airfield is near the beach and the Santa Cruz village pilots stop to enjoy a coffee at the airfield bar or a good fresh fish lunch in the village.

The aircraft in the photo belongs to the local airclub that operates from Santa Cruz and the photograph has its copyrights written and was retrieved from the Portuguese Ultralight Association Airfields Map.


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