Boeing 787 Nightmare-liner

It burns it leaks fuel it seems to do everything that a plane should not do in normal conditions. Is the Dream Liner becoming more like a Nightmare Liner?
Moments ago Aviation Herald reported that an Air India B788, registration VT-ANL from Delhi to Kolkata India, had an oven emitting some smoke in the aft galley, the crew rapidly disconnected the power and discharged fire extinguishers onto and into the oven. The fire was put out and the aircraft landed safely in Kolkata. After an inspection it was determined that the fire was contained only inside the oven so the oven was removed and the aircraft could continue schedule flights.

Not long time ago an Ethiopian Airways had a fire when on the ground at Heathrow Airport, London (UK), prior to that a Japan Airlines JAL had another fire this time on its battery witch caused the return to the drawing boards to improve the battery module. And lets not forget the leaking fuel problems on another JAL 787. Things to the 787 and Boeing aren't as good as they wanted to and this problems all together can become a major set back in sales right now that Boeing presented the new 787-9, a larger version of the Dream Liner.


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