19205 makes 4k Flight Hours in EUNavFor Mission in Somalia region

In July the 22nd the Portuguese Navy Helicopter Westland Lynx Tail number 19205 reached 4000 hours of flight during its mission in the Aden Gulf and Indian Ocean.
The 19205 now called "Playboy" as it's called after the flight detachment assigned flies in Somalia region for the second time as the first was in 2011 with the Fénix detachment witch I was part of.
This Helicopter is the last of the Portuguese Navy Helicopter fleet of five Westland Super Lynx Mk95 that now operate from the "Vasco da Gama" class frigates and "Bartolomeu Dias" class frigates.

As note to readers recently the Portuguese Navy Helicopters reached the total number of 20,000 hours of flight divided by Five helicopters.

Couldn't forget the guys of "Playboy Flight" detachment operating from N.R.P. "Alvares Cabral" and from here send a huge  hug to all and wish you all a safe return home. Oh, and Guys please take some pictures of those special nose/side arts will you?


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In Portugal e write in Portuguese

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