A MENTIRA DA CRISE (divulga antes que chegue a censura)

This is completely off topic of this aviation blog and is in Portuguese also but I would not feel comfortable without sharing it. José Gomes Ferreira is an economical annalist and speaker on the private Portuguese TV channel SIC and here he states about the problems faced by the so called Troika Mission joining IMF European Union Financial Stabilizing Fund and the European Central Bank. The Troika mission stated right at the beginning of the economical rescue of Portugal that some measures had to be taken as fast as possible. Some measures such as later retirement age public employees reduction were taken but others weren't. In this interview José Gomes Ferreira  states that it seems that Portugal isn't ruled by the politicians but instead is ruled by lobbies of companies who seem to be more interested in their profit than anything else.

As a Portuguese citizen this is quite clear to Me and of course that I am unhappy with all this and I wonder how much will this cost to all of us.

As a Pilot and aviation enthusiast it's very sad to see airfields shutting down all type of companies related with aviation closing airshows cancelled and etc. etc. etc.

In this country it seems that one day not so far away people will only live to pays the bills and with Hope of Social Security will die moments before the retirement so it can be a very cheap citizen that pays taxes only to raise others profits.


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