Espionage and political crisis all in one piece.

Last two days Portugal has got a few new pages to add to History books as the Minister of Finances Vitor Gaspar and only a few hours after the appointment of the replacement the Foreign Affairs Minister Paulo Portas also requested his decommission from the office to the Portuguese Prime Minister Passos Coelho. Now this is only to make the picture of the following news.

As You probably know last couple of weeks there is a case that has created an international incident regarding the US UK and the rest of Europe Russia and well... probably the entire world to be honest. All this because of a systems annalist? Really? Hum maybe not. As far as I know Edward Snowden worked as a systems annalist for the NSA in the US and now left the US with several Gigabytes of INTEL regarding the activities of the National Security Agencies of the United States of America. Europeans got angry because have found out that were being spied all the time by the Americans, the Russians received Snowden at Moscow's International Airport but were unable to let him enter the country due to the cancellation of Snowden's passport by the US ans Bolivia and Equator already stated that were open to give political asylum to Snowden but in order to obtain that he would need to get to one of these countries territory. Being almost captive in Moscow Airport he was unable to go to an embassy or consulate to appeal for political asylum and US authorities still want to get him.

Now what the tow paragraphs above have in common? Well Snowden probably will leave Russia in an airplane registered in one of those tow countries Bolivia or Equator entering like that at one of those countries territory as Air Law states that the laws inside of an Airplane are the laws of the state of registration of that airplane.

Yesterday there was a flight of Bolivia's President Evo Morales returning to Bolivia and the flight was supposed to cross Portuguese ans Spanish airspace probably with a technical scale at one of these two countries. Both Governments denied that because there was a suspicion that Edward Snowden was on board and both countries didn't wanted to get evolved on this case.
In Portugal probably this was the last political decision of the Ex-Foreign Affairs Minister Paulo Portas before present his resignation.

Now the Bolivian Government is quite unhappy with the situation and stated that will denounce this happening to the Human Rights Comission of the United Nations and the President Evo Morales had to stop at Viena, Austria for more than 13 hours.

Bolívia vai denunciar na ONU países que fecharam espaço aéreo a Evo Morales
photo: Patrick Domingo AFP


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