Saturday, December 18, 2010

Airbus A330 MRTT

Snow storms paralyze Europe once more

While here in Portugal the main problem is the continuous rain that doesn't stop since who knows when the guys from the north have a bigger issue, and that is the Snow, most European airports have delays or canceled flights due to heavy snow storms and temperatures that can make a polar bear feel at home.

Snow-covered plane at Geneva airport

Another sailing week

Yes it's true, past week was once again a sailing week but this time not in one military vessel only but in three different ships.
Fenix Flight team went on board N.R.P. Vasco da Gama for another training mission this to prepare the ship's next mission the OST - Operational Sea Training promoted by the Royal Navy in Portsmouth, UK. This mission took place in Portuguese waters between Lisbon and Sines and had the participation of 3 Portuguese frigates, N.R.P. Vasco da Gama, N.R.P. Corte Real and N.R.P. D. Francisco de Almeida and also with the Portuguese Tanker N.R.P. Bérrio from Spain came the frigate Santa Maria and the aircraft carrier Principe das Astúrias.

During the mission Fenix helicopter had to participate in some training exercises in other ships such as N.R.P. Corte Real and N.R.P, D. Francisco de Almeida so it was needed someone from the "flight" to be aboard those units so there I was sometimes in Vasco da Gama and others on another ship.

The last mission day was a very long long and busy day the called "war day" where people and machinery specially people are pushed to the limit and sometimes beyond.
It was my last mission with Fenix Flight until February because they will depart to the UK on January the 4th. and return on February the 19th. but I will have to stay to finish my ATPL until the end of January let's hope for better weather and a malfunction free aircraft.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Future Lynx first flight

Being a helicopter maintenance technician and specially because I work with the actual Westland Lynx Mk95 I couldn't resist to share with all of you this video witch means the beginning of a new era .
Here's a video of the very first flight of the new Agusta Westland Wildcat Lynx AW159.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

TAAG Boeing 777 Emergency landing

What if...

What if you're at home and your car is parked outside when suddenly something falls from the sky?

Well this is just what happened yesterday in Almada a suburb of Lisbon when a Boeing 777 from TAAG lost some components immediately after departing from Lisbon Airport runway 21.


Monday, December 6, 2010

How to ground an entire fleet of helicopters

1- Get one Helicopter
2- Perform a very efficient post flight inspection
3- Send the "Helo" to maintenance due to a problem in one insert on the floor
4- Remove the floor panel
5- Find out that the fuel tank beneath the floor has a big corrosion problem

... and here it is the main 5 steps that you need to do in order to create a small crisis situation in your hangar.

Friday, December 3, 2010

And now... The News!

FAA has presented a proposal of an increase by 25% on weekly rest time for commercial pilots. With this reduction in work time and a resting period of 9 hours before a flight this measures would create the need of more pilots and a review of the present work contracts. The ATA - Air Transport Association stated that this proposal will be analysed and that would support this new standards if they were really designed to increase flight safety.

According with the last "Current Market Outlook" of Boeing Aviation Industry will have the necessity of 466.650 new pilots in the next 20 years to answer the increase of new aircraft and replacement units. The biggest growth is predicted to Asia with more than 180.600 pilots needed followed by North America with more than 97.350 and Europe with 94.800, to Latin America is expected 37.000 new pilot vacancies and 32.700 to the Middle East Africa comes last with a prediction of 13.200 new pilots.

NetJets Europe the Portuguese based business aviation company subsidiary of NetJets has received from the Portuguese Aviation Authorities, INAC the EROPS - Extended Range Operations certificate to the Gulfstream G550 with a new limit of 180 minutes of an airport along the route. Older limit was of 120 minutes.

United 777 new paint

Thursday, December 2, 2010

2000 souls without electrical power due to aircraft mishap

According with Portuguese radio broadcaster TSF more than 2000 people were affected when during an approach to Bragança Airfield coming from Vila Real the Dornier D0 228 property of AeroVip hit a power supply line during final approach. Bragança Field is a small regional airport and at the time of this incident the weather was very grey overcast skies and had been snowing earlier.

Fortunately there where no major problems regarding passengers or crew and the aircraft has little or no damage at all.

New Aircraft in my flightschool

Yes it's true, there is a new plane in town. The Tecnam P2006T is the new aircraft recently acquired by Leávia and has arrived on November 11th. This new aircraft will replace the already old Piper Pa-23 Aztec with 42 years. As I am at the end of my formation probably I won't fly it but it seems an interesting plane made by a light sport aircraft manufacturer and with two Rotax engines, first time that I see one of those in a general aircraft in this case two of them. The version bought by Leávia comes with Garmin G1000 system witch is very complete and brings us closer to the bigger aircraft glass cockpits. Here is a presentation video made by Tecnam.

Airbus A400M Wingover First Display ILA Berlin 2010

Boeing 737 Performance Improvements

Last week an improved Boeing Next-Generation 737-800 successfully completed its first test flight. Aerodynamic and engine changes included in the package will reduce fuel consumption by 2 percent. Boeing is phasing the changes into production mid-2011 through early 2012.
One percent of the savings comes from reducing resistance as air flows around the airplane. The upper and lower anti-collision lights change from round to a more aerodynamic teardrop shape. Wheel-well fairings are re-contoured to smooth the air flow near the main landing gear. A redesign of the environmental control system, exhaust vent and streamlined wing slat and spoiler trailing edges round out the aerodynamic changes.


Source: Boeing/

Boeing Modifications on 787

After investigation of the onboard electrical fire on ZA002, earlier this month, Boeing now is in need to make changes to its 787 design. Boeing is developing design changes to power distribution panels on the 787 and updates to the systems software that manages and protects power distribution on the airplane.

Engineers have determined that the fault began as either a short circuit or an electrical arc in the P100 power distribution panel, most likely caused by the presence of foreign debris. The design changes will improve the protection within the panel. Software changes also will be implemented to further improve fault protection.

The P100 panel is one of five major power distribution panels on the 787. It receives power from the left engine and distributes it to an array of systems.

A revised 787 program schedule is expected in a few weeks.

Source: Boeing

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Renaud Ecalle

On October, 3rd of this year Renaud Ecalle his wife Alice and their young kids Adrien and Louise didn't survive a tragic aircraft accident of their Jodel DR-1050 Ambassadeur flying back home. Renaud was a well known aerobatic pilot aged 29 and was the reigning European and Wolrd Unlimited Aerobatic Champion for the last 2 years. Here is a tribute to Renaud and family.

Lisbon NATO Summit

Ok I understand that if there is a problem with this summit and things blow up the entire world as we know can change forever. But is it really necessary to create so much restrictions to airspace?

Sunday, November 14, 2010

About experience...

I understand that major Airlines request pilots with an amount of experience but iff all of them request values like 1000h or 1500h total flight time how will I get that amount of flight time without an opportunity? Even in Africa there are Airlines Already requesting Type Ratings as a pre-requisite. Stealing a Bank is becoming an option very fast. :)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

About Security an Airport Scanners

Recently I've read an article in about the issues of the use of Airport Scanners. With the start of use of airport scanners there were some problems that became very obvious like the invasion of our privacy as a human being and when I say privacy it really means PRIVACY. You see the problem is that the scanner literally scans all your body without any restriction so you are totally exposed to the eye of the Custom Agent but now the LA based company Flying Pasties has came with a somehow funny solution to protect your "privates" The company invented a rubber stick to use under your bra or pants and in that way you are now protected from curious minds. And the "piece the resistance" is that Flying Pasties has a 2.0 version of the stickers with awesome illustrations.

Funny Halloween


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Off we go to Oshkosh!

Sadly another year has passed and so another Oshkosh Air Venture has happened and I wasn't able to go there. Oh well... if I can't go like this why shouldn't I go virtually?

And with this question in my head I planned a flight from Cascais, LPCS, to Whitman Regional, KOSH, but flying in the virtual skies on Fight Simulator.

The aircraft for the journey was the Beechcraft Bonanza F33A from Carenado, a well advanced single engine with a quite good performance.

The route that I've choose was a northern one flying from Portugal to Spain then France and UK and then proceeding to Iceland and Greenland passing that entering Canada and proceeding southwest to KOSH.

Here are some Pictures of this trip. A very good one to who knows one day fly it in real sky.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Last Sunday...

Last Sunday I went to AeroNostalgia 2010 Air festival. With a price of 5€, indeed quite cheap, this Air festival was somehow like all general aviation here in Portugal. Very Small!

But however small doesn't mean that it's bad. As a matter of fact it was a very pleasant experience.

There wasn't to much to see in the sky due to the lack of participants but there was some exciting maneuvers performed by Diana Silva, the Portuguese 25 year old aerobatic woman pilot, And of course the Smoke Wings Team with 2 Yak 52.

From Germany came an OV-10 Bronco a very interesting turboprop aircraft and amazing capabilities.

And the organizer of the event the Aero Fénix Museum brought to us a de Havilland Chipmunk, one Piper Colt and a Boeing Stearman. From the Portuguese Air Force, other member of the organization, there was a Dornier Do-27.

On the ground there was plenty to see because all airshow was on the apron of the new Portuguese Air Force Museum located in the Sintra Airbase to. I'm not going to continue to describe because I think the pictures talk from their selves.

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