Monday, November 28, 2011

Blackshape Prime - Sirius Magazine Trailer (GoPro HD)

Here is a footage of the presentation of the Ultralight aircraft Blackshape Prime, one amazing machine.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Aviation Blogging and Gadgets

That's what this blog is all about. In a single word is Aviation but following the title of this post it is a Blog and also has some gadgets. You don't think so? Well I have been watching this blog statistics and I have found that already 137 views were from the Apple's iPad. Great!
I don't have one, and I really regret about that not because I want to consult or post in my Blog outdoors but because there are a huge number of applications that can be very useful for pilots.
Here is a footage of in YouTube relative to the Jeppesen applications for iPad witch I think are amazing and with great capacity. This can be a good revolution in aviation specially about charts and flight navigation.

House cleaning

You might already noted that this blog had some changes in the look. Well I hope that you like the new look as I do and just to complete the new look I only have to say that the picture in the back is a FSX picture from an EC-135 in the region of Madeira with the scenery Wonderful Madeira almost real I should say.

S is for Souda Bay

Past three months the Portuguese Navy Helicopter 19Th Detachment Fénix Flight went on a mission in the Aden Gulf against piracy aboard the Portuguese Frigate N.R.P. "D. Francisco de Almeida".

The mission took about three months but we have been in the area of operation just about two months and the rest as passed in transit from and to Portugal. Our journey started at August the 15Th and lasted until November the 15Th the day of our return to our home base near Lisbon.

During the transit to the operation area the ship and helicopter detachment spent most of the time training for the upcoming mission, training procedures and means of operation related to the type of mission and to maintain the qualifications of both aircrew and ground crew up to date.

Our first stop was in Greece on the beautiful island of Crete at a military base near Shania known as Souda Bay. Because of maintenance issues I had the opportunity to visit Shania Airport and Military Air Base operated by the Greek the American and at that time and because of the Libya operations also used by the French and the Italian. Well a pilot among airplanes what more can I ask for this Christmas?

Here some pictures of my stay in Crete. Some are images air to ground from the helicopter and other of the air base, hope you enjoy them.

From this position to the bottom Photos by: Roberto Cachaço

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