Sunday, February 3, 2013

Bird Strike and Bird on Strike

A Brazilian Facebook friend and also flight instructor posted this comic about the game Bird Strike. As You all know in Brasil the main language is the Portuguese with a more melodically accent, and the teaching of Aeronautical English has become an important issue to this country as the pilot shortage is at its highest level ever due to the upcoming events such as the Olympics and the FIFA World Cup. In Brasil there are many restrictions about flying personnel such as foreigners permissions witch as far as I know not permitted. Brasil stands as a country who relies basically on their naturals to became pilots as going to the Air Force Academy then passing to the Civil Aviation or to take an ATPL in a flight school  problem seems to be that there aren't enough flight schools or/and students to satisfy the upcoming needs. So pilots have to be trained ASAP in Brasil and have to learn Aeronautical English also.

And talking about Aeronautical English, have You ever listen to a German a French or a Spanish pilot in the frequency? No ones perfect that's for sure and I'm not the best communicator in the world but that German accent witch is very funny in BBC's Allo Allo series can be very tricky on the radio.

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