NATO Ocean Shield

During last 3 months I have been working with my maintenance team  in the Aden Gulf during the Portuguese commission in the NATO Ocean Shield anti piracy effort.

The Fénix Flight detachment embarked in the Portuguese frigate N.R.P. "D. Francisco de Almeida", the newly acquisition of the PoNavy an ex Karel Doorman class frigate from the Netherlands.

In this page are some pictures of helicopters from other countries also present in the Aden Gulf fighting piracy hope you enjoy them.

Italian AB212

French Atlantique

Russian Kamov Ka-32

 Westland Lynx - a "brother" from the Netherlands

USNavy P-3 Orion

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Anonymous said...

I'm a big technician blabbermouth, and i write in English despite being Portuguese military.
Lately I´m really think that I´m a stupid sailor who thinks he's smart just by being a simple sergeant who knows how to fly and write in English.DESPITE BEING PORTUGUESE MILITARY :(((((.

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