Portugal from the Sky

Here you have some photos of my cross country flights, and the last two are from my friend Tiago Silva. Hope you enjoy them.


CS-DDT at Portimão, LPPM 

Costa de Caparica 

Tróia resort 

Venda Nova

CS-AUR cockpit 

Europe's longest beach 

 Europe's longest beach

Tróia peninsula

Tejo river 

 Tróia resort

Santa Clara a Velha

 CS-AVC at Portimão, LPPM

Beechcraft King Air C90 at Portimão, LPPM

Oldest Cessna flying in Portugal someone said, CS-ADF in flight

 CS-ADF at Portimão, LPPM

Costa de Caparica

Ilha do Pessegueiro - Porto Covo

That's Me on board the Cessna 150A CS-ADF

CS-AUR cockpit panel 

 Tróia resort

Vila Nova de Milfontes


Beautiful view 

View of Tejo river 

Departing from Cascais 


Trafaria - São João beach

Tróia peninsula 


 Venda Nova

Sado River

Alcácer do Sal

 Santa Clara a Velha

Portimão - Arade River

Vila Nova de Milfontes lighthouse

Costa de Caparica

At Portimão field, LPPM  preparing the return trip to Cascais, LPCS 

Always rely on your instruments he says


Antonio Coimbra said...

Believe it or not, the longest single beach is in Hungary and is more than 60Km long.

Lake Balaton in Hungary is the largest lake in Western or Central Europe. It’s about 50 miles long, and it covers an area of some 230 square miles. Its shores form the longest continuous stretch of beach in all of Europe.

But nice pictures anyway :)

Filipe Cardoso said...

It's very nice to know that and I'm very glad for you comment and would like to thank you.

Keep visiting and once more Thank You!

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