Monday, August 9, 2010

Situation Report!

To all my readers, if there is anyone who reads this, I apologize for my absence. The situation could not be better to Myself, somehow the flight school is scheduling me training flights every day, some are cross country solos and others are instrument training flights. On the instrument training flights I'm practicing flying on ATS routes which is very good because normally I'm flying at FL070 and as it was today we had at that flight level 17ºC which is very good comparing with the 38ºC at Lisbon Airport.

Here you have some pictures, not as good as I wanted to be but the aircraft windows are getting old.

Returning to Cascais LPCS

A very hot day

Lagos there's the house of a friend of mine

Vila Nova de Milfontes

Cessna 150A - Some say this is the oldest Cessna flying in Portugal

Between checkpoints...

CS-AUR cockpit

Troia peninsula

Pessegueiro Island - Porto Covo

Costa de Caparica beach

The Cessna 150A CS-ADF

Another shot of this "old timer" cockpit - Cessna 150A CS-ADF

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