Innovations of the future available now!

Probably all pilots remember those futuristic helmets used in several movies like Star Wars Blue Thunder and others.

With the passing of the years we came to know that some of that technology was no longer science fiction, instead of that it was a well known and documented reality in the military with projects like the Apache helicopter and the Eurofighter. Helmets became part of the aircraft systems and an important tool for pilots to fly and control the aircraft weapon systems at the same time creating the new pattern of Look and Shoot.

Now a company called Aero Glass presented on this year edition of Airventure Oshkosh a Augmented-Reality Glasses a product that has so much of innovation in general aviation that realy seem to be from the future. Their first model was based on Google Glasses but the limitation of only one screen to one eye made Aero Glass change project to other model from Epson.

Here is a video with the explanation of the product from AVWeb.


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