70th. anniversary of Operation Market Garden

Yesterday was the 70th. Anniversary of the Operation Market Garden in WWII. This operation was the biggest para-drop in history and the objective was to regain control of the Netherlands.

The Douglas C-47 Sn: 43-15037 was among all the Dakotas involved in such huge effort to bring troops to fight against the Nazis. This very same aircraft is now passing through a restoration for static display with dual paint scheme. On one side the last paint scheme as it was when it stop flying in 1979 operated by the Portuguese Aviation Authority, at the time D.G.A.C. Direcção Geral de Aeronáutica Civil. On the other side and interior it represents the CS-TDE of the Portuguese Airline TAP and this particular registration was chosen because it was TDE that flew for the first time between Lisboa the capital of Portugal and Lourenço Marques, nowadays Maputo the capital of that Portuguese colony those days, now Mozambique.


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