MEP IR ratings revalidation

As I mentioned earlier last week I had my MEP and IR renewal flight as my ratings expired so I had to perform flight with an instructor to asset my proficiency in these two ratings.

My choice was to fly in Leávia flight school now with a new look and more integrated under the 7 Air brand. The airplane was their Tecnam P2006T a quite small light twin with two GA certified Rotax 912s Engines that together come to a consume of fuel that shames even an old Cessna 172, so the flight hour price is very economic nad with a MTOW of 1180kg it is less expensive in landing rates also. Sure is a better choice than the School's old Piper PA23-250 Aztec but not the same thing. I just loved the Piper.

The flight was made in the ESP VOR area training several procedures as procedure turns holdings and DME arcs after that we proceeded again to Cascais, LPCS for instrument approaches a series of touch and go maneuvers with both engines and single engine.

The flight went really well and was very compensating to see the preparation stood out and made the flight easier. The Tecnam is a very capable aircraft for this mission and very easy to fly along with the Garmin 950 it is fantastic but... I still miss that amazing engine noise and "fight" with the Piper.


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