Lighter Aircrafts thanks to new baggage containers

Air France has completed the renewal of its 3,650 long-haul baggage containers. The new units are now built of composite fiber materials and claim to be 11 kilograms lighter than the previous ones bringing with this decrease in weight a better performance to the airplanes and less CO2 emissions with the same cargo. Being lighter these containers are easier to move providing a gain in time in operation.

Air France claims to have saves about 8,000 tons of CO2 that result in a 2,500 tons of fuel saving. Impressive.

The new containers are fitted for the Air France long-haul fleet composed by Airbus A380, A340, A330 and Boeing 777 and 747.


davit hogg said…
This is definitely the wave of the future!

Lince said…
Totally agree with you. With the gain in weight saving of aircraft equipment we also gain in cost efficiency.

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