Wednesday, January 9, 2013

TAP passes from 4th to 7th safest Airline even without an accident

According with the updated list from JACDEC investigation center the Portuguese flag Airline TAP passed from the 4th to the 7th position in the safest Airlines in the world and without a single accident or major incident. The reason for this descent was that Emirates, now in 4th position, Etihad Airways, now in 5th and EVA Air in 6th have a younger fleet than TAP. A reason that in my opinion is acceptable as for the number of cycles, flight hours and years of aircraft have an important wight in flight safety.

Credits: Filipe Cardoso

In the upper positions comes Finnair in first with the last accident in 1963, a DC-3 crashed resulting in the loss 22 passengers and all crew Air New Zeland in second and Cathay Pacific in third.

The TAP last accident remounts to 1977 in Funchal Madeira and was due to a runway overrun with a Boeing 727 resulting in the death of 131 people. The Madeira airport at the time had a considerably small runway dangerous cross winds during approach phase and a cliff ate the end of the runway directly to sea. More than 30 years later the airport has been modernized and the runway saw its length grow to almost the double but runway 05 approach is still considered one of the most dangerous approaches in commercial operation worldwide. 

Airport LPMA  Funchal (Santa Cruz), Madeira - LPMA
Credits: Jorge Miguel Abreu, Madeira Spotters -

One thing leaves me quite happy and that is to know some of the pilots flight attendants engineers and maintenance technicians that work hard to maintain TAP at this high standards and zero accidents since more than 30 years, here's My recognition to all of them as great professionals that they are.

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