Dead Tired

Have ever thought during a routine flight for how long are the pilots flying? Most certainly not but the probability of that flight is their first of the day is huge. Recently this subject has been in discussion in Europe Aviation Authorities and the new rules and changes to the  present ones didn't had the agree of pilots or pilot associations and pilot unions. Thing is simple, some of the work times such as flight delays flight plan changes on ground and several other reasons now aren't suppose to count as duty time but if you count that time and then put that same pilot in the air probably the pilot as a duty time well beyond the reasonable for a safe conduct of the flight.

European pilot associations requested scientific studies about this matter to be able to present a proposal of duty time restrictions that try to meet both, airline interests and a safe way to fly.

Due to the fact that these studies weren't take into account to the new rules there as been promoted a petition on the Internet to ask for a new analysis of this and to the scientific studies be taken into account as a way to promote safety in cockpit.

Here is the web link to the petition and I ask You to BEFORE sign to read it carefully so that You can understand the Why of this.


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