Dark days of the Portuguese general aviation

Since my return that I've been trying to get updated with everything related to aviation. The internet access wasn't the best and very complicated to share 3 lines with more than 120 other mates.

So at home I started to check the regular aviation news airplane sales clubs and associations and it seems that around here things have been quite calm to calm I should say but the thing that frightened me more was the huge number of small aircraft based in Portugal on sale.

Some of them are private but a huge part are from companies who gain their living with banner towing, private pilots rentals and air tours. And it isn't just one or two aircraft but the entire fleet of some companies.

Keeping this tendency and adding the airfield closure I think that the general aviation in Portugal it's entering it's darker period and with this Economical crisis in Europe better days aren't going to be so soon as would like to.

Photo credits: Shark_tt - aviacaoportugal.net


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