Almost in the Air

The Portuguese Air Force Museum now with a ANA, National Airports Museum and TAP, Portuguese flag company rooms will open on the 29 of this month.

The rooms have been refurbished to be more comfortable and to take the visitor into the historic aviation spirit. New aircraft models will be in exposition along with the ones already exposed.

This is a great mark to the Portuguese aviation and to the Portuguese Air Force who is investing not to make this museum just a place where the old things are kept but a space that has the potential to become one of the great aviation museums of Europe. To get to his achievement the PoAF besides of the military is also working alongside with volunteers and Aero Fénix Museum in the recovery of new aircraft models to expose There is also a project to volunteers who with the necessary formation can take the visitors into a guided tour to the museum. 

I am already with the camera on charge cleaning the lenses and preparing to pay a visit as soon as I can. Please do the same because it will worth I'm sure.

Well done PoAF.

The PoAF Museum website is:


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