Pilot... At last!

Yes it's true now I can say I'm a Pilot, and a very proud one. Yesterday was my examination flight witch included 3 different evaluations, one for the commercial pilot license, CPL, another for the Multi-Engine Qualification and a third one, the IR, instrument rating. In order to really finish I still have to be evaluated for the Single-Engine Qualification and finish the simulator sessions for the MCC, Multi Crew Co-operation but this huge step in my life as a pilot can't pass without a reference to it. No doubt that the 28th. January 2011 will be a day to remember.

And by the way if someone with a camera, a spotter or so, was at Lisbon airport yesterday at about 5:30pm and has a picture of CS-DBR performing a low pass please contact me.


dani said…
Congrats!! I'm really proud of you!
Now... when am I gonna fly with you?;)
Lince said…
It will just be a matter of time until that to happend.

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