After 2 flights, experiences and thoughts!

Today was scheduled  my second flight in the flight school's twin engine, a 1968 Piper PA-23 Aztec. The first flight took place four days ago and it was a very pleasant flight mainly to understand the airplane and systems ans to Fly the airplane. After this first flight I had the feeling that it wasn't an easy plane to fly but not so hard has it seemed on the first place but on this second flight things became harder this time wasn't only to make climbs and descents in front or while turning with 30º or 45º degrees of banking for this flight the flight Instructor demonstrated some stalls fully landing configuration and in a clean configuration also demonstrated a simulated engine failure and then told Me to do the same as demonstrated. There is no doubts that this can get really complicated if you don't have the skills to recover and that's why we train so hard. After some training we requested the controller to return to the aerodrome in oder to perform some touch and goes and after that the FI said to me: "I'm dead now do what you have to do" - Dead? Wait, What?So there I was preparing to the the approach with less than 2 hours experience with a "dead Instructor" on my side so I've prepared the checklist and started to configure to land and at the entry point  there I was with the "dead man" by my side saying "watch your speed, watch you altitude, etc" - I think this was the first talking dead man I've ever seen in my life. - Now landing... nop - "Runway incursion, Go around NOW!" said the "talking dead" and here we go again of course there was no incursion on the runway it was only to simulate and make the Go Around. After one touch and go with full flaps the final landing was with no flaps and about 10 more miles on the approach speed to compensate the lack of lift. At the end of the day I can say that this faze of the ATPL is really hard and requires extra caution to details.

See you in the next flight!
... witch will be tomorrow.


dani said…
Someone had fun today! :)

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