And now... The News!

FAA has presented a proposal of an increase by 25% on weekly rest time for commercial pilots. With this reduction in work time and a resting period of 9 hours before a flight this measures would create the need of more pilots and a review of the present work contracts. The ATA - Air Transport Association stated that this proposal will be analysed and that would support this new standards if they were really designed to increase flight safety.

According with the last "Current Market Outlook" of Boeing Aviation Industry will have the necessity of 466.650 new pilots in the next 20 years to answer the increase of new aircraft and replacement units. The biggest growth is predicted to Asia with more than 180.600 pilots needed followed by North America with more than 97.350 and Europe with 94.800, to Latin America is expected 37.000 new pilot vacancies and 32.700 to the Middle East Africa comes last with a prediction of 13.200 new pilots.

NetJets Europe the Portuguese based business aviation company subsidiary of NetJets has received from the Portuguese Aviation Authorities, INAC the EROPS - Extended Range Operations certificate to the Gulfstream G550 with a new limit of 180 minutes of an airport along the route. Older limit was of 120 minutes.


dani said…
E tu já te estás a preparar para ser um dos 466.650. Right? ;)
Lince said…
Juntava as 3 notícias em apenas uma: Devido a um aumento do tempo de descanso, foi necessário contratar mais pilotos... e eu logo por muita sorte fui parar ao Gulfstream G550 da NetJets, uma aeronave fantástica e com um dos melhor Comandantes com que tive oportunidade de privar. Ah! E... Adoro o avião! :D

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