Monday, February 8, 2010

Bad weather on both sides of the Atlantic!

On this side I could not fly one more day due to bad weather, fortunately today's flight instructor was qualified on de ALSim 200 simulator and my flight was once more the practice of instrument approaches. So in the simulator I was able to practice various ILS and VOR DME aproaches. First, ILS Approach to RWY 03 of Lisbon Airport, LPPT, then I performed a missed approach procedure to after that begin with an ILS approach to RWY 21, this time with a full stop land.

Next stop, Faro Airport, LPFR, another ILS, this time to RWY 28 and another approach trainning, after that and to finish the flight I performed the classical VOR-DME approach to Cascais, LPCS.

The bad thing of today's mission is the fact that wasn't on a plane, but on the other hand in a normal flight it is impossible to perform all these approaches in such time window, and of course without other traffic.

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