Planes planes and more planes...

In the morning I went to the Portuguese Air Museum to continue volunteer work on the DC-3 but this time for several reasons there were only two volunteers and the list of "to do" things was considerable.

During all morning and after lunch we tried to manage most of the items on the list but some was a bit complicated to do without more people to help.

Although after lunch I still got time for a small photo shoot outside on the way back.

photo: Filipe Cardoso 

photo: Filipe Cardoso 

photo: Filipe Cardoso

The quality isn't the best as they were taken with my cell phone, not a proper camera.

After all the possible work done my fellow volunteer invited me to go with him to Azambuja to a nearby airfield in a farm called Alqueidão.

Alqueidão Airfield,, is a well strong community of aviators that today took advantage of the exceptional good weather conditions and sunny day to spread wings and fly. Traffic is majorly composed by microlight and ultralight aircraft, (European categories), and the airfield has even small restaurant witch is quite pleasant and brings more people to the airfield by car of by airplane only to see friends talk a bit about aviation an laugh a lot.

In Alqueidão there is a company called Aerodreams,, specialized in flight training, maintenance and aircraft sales. This company owns the very first Comp Let Shark an amazing ultralight aircraft with dual seat in tandem configuration and performance capabilities capable of embarrassing some bigger and more powerful aircraft.

 Aerodreams Land Africa - Photo: FIlipe Cardoso 

 Aerodreams Shark - Photo: FIlipe Cardoso


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