Have plans for next Saturday? No? So if you live near please stop by at Museu do Ar in Sintra at 3 PM for the first session of the Dakota Talks, an interesting meeting where the Vintage Aeroclub will bring to all the presents a glimpse of its work and the history of the Douglas Dc-3 in Portugal and TAP will be relived so those magnificent memories of those golden days of aviation won't be forgotten.

For the first Talk the Vintage Aeroclub invited TAP CEO Dr. Fernando Pinto and Mário Rodrigues and also José Lacerda both from TAP Maintenance and Engineering a company who has been a well good support to the volunteers of the restoration as for the technical support to some parts of the restoration.

If you like to know more about Vintage Aeroclub and our volunteer job on the Dc-3 please read our blog here.


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