Is this the fate of aviation industry?

Sometimes I think that some posts of this blog can one day turn against Me because of what I write, but there are certain things that cannot pass for Me without being marked and posted here, that's the main purpose of this Blog.

Today in a Facebook Group of Portuguese pilots a friend posted and advert for an airline flying in Indonesia and quoted that the advert was only for those with their pockets full of cash. Read the following part of the advert and understand why is that.

No flight time requirements No minimum age requirements Price and Payment Plan: Assessment: to be issued shortly and to be paid to the TRTO directly B767 Jet Orientation Course, American FAA B767 Type Rating Course and B767 additional training to proficiency: $20,000 to $25,000 USD depending on pilot's proficiency to be paid to the TRTO directly. Airline Conversion Course and one thousand two hundred fifty (1250) hours as a Boeing 767 First Officer: €44,500 EUR. €5,000 EUR is due after program acceptance and once program agreement has been signed and €39,500 EUR is due upon completion of the B767 training to proficiency course. No salary while attending the program. No VAT / taxes are to be added to the above costs. Pilots are responsible for their living expenses at their home base but receive assistance from the airline to locate housing. During overnights while on duty, airline covers hotel expenses, meals and transportation. Basically you pay to fly! Great huh?


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