Sunday, September 1, 2013

Is there a seat for Me?

According to Boeing is predicting a pilot shortage all around the world for the upcoming years.  Since last year that the so called recovery of the commercial aviation is news all around the world but this growth seems to be slow.

According to Boeing the market will require:

  • 498,000 new commercial airline pilots
  • 556,000 new commercial airline maintenance technicians

  • Distributed as follows:

  • Asia Pacific – 192,300 pilots and 215,300 technicians
  • Europe – 99,700 pilots and 108,200 technicians
  • North America – 85,700 pilots and 97,900 technicians
  • Latin America – 48,600 pilots and 47,600 technicians
  • Middle East – 40,000 pilots and 53,100 technicians
  • Africa – 16,500 pilots and 15,900 technicians
  • Russia and CIS – 15,200 pilots and 18,000 technicians

  • In fact here in Portugal with the end of the regional flights to Bragança, Aerovip is struggling with two Dornier DO228 and a Shorts 360 that pass more time on its hangars than flying and generating income. The flight school of the same business group, Leávia reduced the number of flight instructors as it doesn't has enough students to keep up. The only good news around here is that TAP Portugal, Portuguese flag carrier is expecting at least two new Airbus A330 to increase its capacity for long haul routes and there are rumors that the expansion of the fleet wont end with this two new aircraft. A good thing as the new aircraft will need new pilots and the company already is operating at its personnel limits. Wait and see.

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