The New Airbus A350 goes up in the Sky for the first time!

First of all I would like to express to all involved in the A350 program my congratulations for this achievement. This morning the Airbus A350 took off from Blagnac Airport in Toulouse, France. To Airbus this new model represents the continue of the wealthy combat for the leading of the skies between Airbus and Boeing. The American manufacturer is still experiencing some issues with the direct competitor the Boeing 787 Dreamliner but that is the price for the investment in new technology such composite materials or new battery fabrication and Airbus already has to deal with the same issues and regardless all the predicted situations new problems will possibly appear and rapidly solved by the engineers.

Here is the team of the A350 first flight and after the flight quoted that after a few minutes in the air it was like a regular flight such was the airplane's behavior and functioning. In their words all the simulator hours and engineering was well worth as the aircraft is perfect already.

Here is a small photographic resume of the flight.


TAP - Portugal the Portuguese flagship Airline has a contract with Airbus to buy the A350 and has one of the first airlines to receive the airplane it also had the chance to become part of the program. It will just be a matter of time to see this bird with the Portuguese colors at LPPT.

All images are Airbus Courtesy and credits are mentioned at the bottom of each one.


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