Documentation needed to apply for a pilot vacancy - Criminal record.

This was not the first time that I have needed to get a criminal record of me to submit to a company so the business here was quite easy. You go to the Justice Ministry or you can get your criminal record in a well thought thing called Citizen Store - direct translation from the Portuguese "Loja do Cidadão". On this store there are many formalities that can be taken such as ID renewal passport emission visas etc. Great deal actually, now instead of walking around from building to building and place to place now it's quite easier indeed.

Now the thing that made me write this post was about My criminal record. Well, relax it is completely clean I can assure you. The fun fact here is that when I told that the document was to apply as pilot to an airline the attendant looked at me and told me to wait as he was going to check what to do. 2 minutes later there I was with my criminal record in my hand and amazed. Know why? It seems that to the Portuguese Justice Ministry pilots, flight attendants or airport personnel need this document because they are to be subject to access to sensitive areas, seems pretty logic to me. The second paragraph states that this kind of job involves contact with minors or underage  children. I have no doubt that it is important that no pedophile works in contact with children and thank God if there is someone looking for that but in this case I think that the responsibility of  a flight crew cabin crew or even ground crews are due to the dangers involved in a bigger way such as hijacks or terrorism among others. Just can't understand why does the "contact with minors" comes stated and others don't.


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