Flight trip to Geneva with Iberia

Las week I went on a trip to Lausanne, Switzerland. About a month ago I've started to prepare this journey and when I looked at the tickets price it was very interesting that the only low cost airline that flies to Geneva didn't have the lowest prices. The lowest price airline that could take me from Lisbon to Geneva was Iberia. Only with a small issue, a scale at Madrid Barajas Int Airport. Even though this wasn't so bad at all I mean, I love airplanes so what could be better than a two leg trip instead of one leg? He He.

First part of the journey was in an Airbus A320 that left Lisbon quite on time with a rolling take off and if it wasn't the massive air traffic in Madrid it would arrive earlier than the predicted. The flight was normal with no problems at all and the landing was very very smooth, my congrats to the cockpit team.

Airbus A320-214 aircraft picture

Soon the airplane stopped at the terminal 4 of Madrid Barajas Airport and there I was at this very recent terminal completely adapted to the reality of the increasing commercial aviation demands. As it was only a one hour and a half wait I decided to walk in the terminal watching the commercial areas but always with the other eye on the aircraft outside that could be seen from this massive windows.
The terminal seems to me that it's well organized and has everything to don't let you to get lost or lose your flight. One remark, the PA system doesn't warns about the flights to you have to consult the terminal departures boards but even that it's very easy because there are so many.

- aircraft picture

After finding the gate of my flight I've embarked on an Airbus A319 and headed for Geneva.
This second leg went as the first one just a bit longer as this one was a 2 hour leg and the other one was a 1h10m leg. The flight went with no remarks of anything abnormal and the landing was very smooth once more these guys at Iberia might have some kind of competition to see who gets the smoother landing I think.

Airbus A319-111 aircraft picture

After Geneva another passion of mine: trains, Lausanne here I go.


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