FAA Pilot looking for a challenge?

Here you have it: http://www.thedc-3network.com/
This is the link to the Herpa DC-3 website, up there you have information about the DC 3 Type rating. Amazing huh?

The Dc-3 is probably the most well known aircraft in aviation history and had several uses during it's life. Firstly built as a military aircraft for cargo and parachutists known as C-47 the Dc-3 rapidly evolved to a Civil version with the end of the WWII and last year during the Oshkosh AirVenture took place a reunion named "The Last Time!" in Whiteside County Airport with a record presence of 26 Dc-3s and 1 Dc-2, this reunion was to celebrate the 75th. Anniversary of the Douglas Dc-3. After the reunion a great number of aircraft proceeded from Whiteside County to Oshkosh and awarded the visitors of the AirVenture with a massive Fly In.

Although the end of the line of this great aircraft seems to be distant because a company named Basler is now preparing Dc-3s fuselages refurbishing and adapting them to the installation of a pair of turboprop engines in replace of the old radials.

I would love to fly one of these... who knows one day!


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