In Memory of David Gonçalves

Past Saturday Portuguese Navy "Wings" have lost a good man. His name is David Gonçalves and was a maintenance technician as I am and also with the same military rank as I do. David was battling since last Summer against Leukemia disease. He was at this time recovering from a Medulla Ossea (Bone Marrow) transplantation from his father but several complications became and He didn't resist. David completed 30 years old on 30th January, but at that time He was already at a critical situation.

David was already on duty on the Navy Helicopter Squadron when I got there in 2007 and during my On Job Training phase I learned a lot with him, years later I had the opportunity to work with him while embarked and the most marking thing that I can remember is His joy of living and the cheerful spirit always laughing even at the complicated situations. When I started my ATPL pilot course David was always playing with me and saying that I was still in time to "get rid" of the Navy life and get a better job as a pilot, unfortunately He passed away without seeing that and all I can say is Thank You Dear Friend for Your Support. 
This post is to remember the man, the soldier and especially the friend that David was to all those who worked with him and had the joy of knowing him.

We will miss You but We will Always Remember You.

See you in the Sky David "Abela" Gonçalves.


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