Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Back again

Happy new year to you all! and by the way sorry for the delay of this message but my hard drive decided to left this world a pass away, so now I'm starting again to recover my data pratically from the zero. Bad news is that all my flight stuff were in that drive, as the Murphy Law about backups says: "Backup, when you need it, you don't have it", or, "The probability of your hard drive collapses is opposite the number of backups you have."
But I'm airborne again for new stories and adventures, see you soon...


C.Cruz said...

Pobre disco rígido, que decidiu suicidar-se! ;) Já passei por isso e essa coisa de "backup" nunca cheguei a saber o que é. Deixa lá pode ser sinal de bom agoiro para o ano 2010.

Lince said...

Esta é mais uma situação em que estamos no "mesmo barco", LOL, mas normalmente o que começa mal acaba bem por isso vamos esperar e ver.